About us

We are a natural fiber passionate company

The world nowadays is heavily polluted by many factors, such as the excessive use of personal vehicle or the discharge of agrochemicals. More than 10% of humanity’s carbon emission comes from the fashion industry and the creation of its products. Moreover, 85% of all textiles go to the dump each year. It is painful for us to witness the negative impact the fashion industry is having on our environment. 

Thaigreenfiber Co, Ltd was established in early 2020 with a commitment to produce and export environmental friendly pineapple leaf fiber. Our fiber is made from the local farmers in one of the largest pineapple growing areas in Thailand. This creates more jobs for the local people. They don’t have to be far away from their home. Our creation process is also 100% non-chemical related from start to end, so you can be sure you are buying 100% natural pineapple leaf fiber.


5 tons 

A month capacity

10 tons

of waste saved per 1 acre


Satisfaction Guaranteed

“We used to burn or bury leftover pineapple leaf after cultivation, but not anymore.”

~ Ratchaburi Pineapple Farmer

Our company is not a big company for now, but we are really passionate about making and providing our customers 100% natural and the best quality products. Being a small company allows us to work closely with the local farmers and really deliver local-made products to the world. 

– Wasin Saengkaew, Director